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jueves, 19 de abril de 2018

Wonder Boy+pc+game+retro+arcade+ar+flyer

It is a classic game classic. It will give you hours and hours of entertainment. But it is special for nostalgic gamers. It is a character known as "Tom-Tom" - a similar character caveman whose girlfriend, named Tania, has been captured by a monster. The player must guide Tom-Tom through seven "zones", each consisting of four "rounds". The levels consist of forests, mountains, oceans, caves, ice palaces and every mountain lands. Levels always run from left to right, with some vertical movement. (info wikipedia) "

6 MB

Wonder Boy+pc+game+retro+arcade+portable+download free+videojuego+descargar gratis
Wonder Boy+pc+game+retro+arcade+portable+download free+videojuego+descargar gratis
Wonder Boy+pc+game+retro+arcade+portable+download free+videojuego+descargar gratis

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